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#07 Be a happy single man: How to talk to Girls Series

ImageYour single right now. Most likely. If you are in the market for some new girls at least. If you are in a relationship, well talk to your girl and be honest bro. At least let her know what’s up. If she’s cool with it by all means continue.

So let’s assume you are single. Are you happy? Are you content? How many times have you heard the statement that unhappy single people make miserable married people (or some twist on the matter)? I’ve heard it from so many people it’s not even funny.

Funny thing is: most of these people aren’t happy. At all. They really want a relationship bad. They want to have a girl friend or boyfriend and I guess it’s become hip to say your happy single even if you’re not so they try to fit in. But two days later the first desperate miserable single person like themselves who they happen to run into becomes their next destined to fail dependent relationship. It’s not healthy and makes for failed marriages and miserable break ups.

So save yourself the trouble. If you’re not happy being single don’t date. At all. Till you learn to be happy being single. Hard to do? Yes. Very. I can attest to that guys. Remember I might write a website, but I’m a normal guy. I want to wake up next to a girl sometimes to. And it’s hard being happy being single sometimes.

But it’s hard being happy dating too. If you aren’t content in yourself (hopefully in God ultimately). Because all the sudden girlfriend has a menstrual cycle and gets moody and you have to either love her when it’s tough or be a jerk and write her hormonally caused emotions off as “a problem with her head”. And now you’re fighting and you want to break up.

Or maybe your kind and sensitive. But there comes a day when she is just every day girlfriend. And you aren’t happy because those emotions wear off. Trust me they do. Doesn’t mean you stop loving her but if you haven’t found a REAL purpose to live for besides a girl, you won’t be happy.

See so many guys have this idea that their happiness is going to be found in marriage to that perfect woman. Listen to me:

If you get NOTHING else from this website get this

YOU WILL NOT FIND HAPPINESS IN A RELATIONSHIP. Not ultimate life-fulfilling happiness anyway

Don’t believe me? Go try it your way. I did.

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