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What relationships tell you about you

Have you ever hear the saying: “show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are?” Well, relationships are very much like that: they tell us something very important about ourselves.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve discovered in relationships is that as you engage in building friendships with others, you learn something about yourself – if you have the ears to listen. The feedback is constant and it tells you something about yourself. So many times we think we’ve figured ourselves out… after all we’ve spent a lifetime with ourselves. But there is more to the story. Life always brings new situations, new challenge, new scenarios. The way you react and interact with others tells something about who you are and how you react to the world. You’d do good to listen.

Often we try to improve our world by changing things around us. We try to change circumstances, or our friendships, or our friends. And these are important. But more important than that is how you THINK about all these things, and how you CHANGE. Changing circumstances will have something to do with who you are, but how you respond to your circumstances defines even more of who you are. Context gives you the opportunity for something to come out either good or bad. There have been saints that came from the slums and on the other hand there have been the worst kind of people that came from the best of families.

The wau you react to your circumstances and the people around you tells you something about yourself. The way you react to your closest relationships tells you something about yourself.

Take the time to listen.

Take the time to learn.

Take the time to absorb the lesson.

And take the time to change.

Before you try to change your friends or your circumstances,  change yourself. I can’t take responsibility for how others

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