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What is this blog all about?

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Some of you may have seen the posters up and are visiting here for the first time. Or you may have just stumbled upon this website hoping for some help in your relationships. I’m sure many of you are wondering, how are we going to fix your relationships? Or help you meet girls? You may have come here hoping for a quick fix or one article that sums up the entire game.

This is not a quick fix. This website is about lifestyle change that will not happen overnight. It’s about becoming the best so that you can get the best not by trickery or false social proof (i.e. money) but by truly deserving it.

You see when I was in college I came with a lot of presuppositions about dating and relationships. And I really had no clue how the real world worked. I learned the hard way. Through trial and error (lots of trials and innumerable errors). I laugh now looking at who I was back then. How dependent I was and how unattractive the lifestyle I lived would be to any girl.

You’re not going to get Angelina Jolie with a few well planned tricks and manipulation. She’s seen that a million times and probably can play the game better than you’ll ever play it.

And you’re not going to have your knight in shining armor come riding over the mountain on a white horse by reading a couple of blog posts on how men think and how to meet Mr. Right.

It’s going to take work. And lots of reading. Read all our articles. Ask us questions. Read other people’s articles and books. Become the best you can be from the inside out.

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Happy dating!

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