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#02 Get out there: How to talk to Girls Series

Get off your butt bro. Seriously. Get off the computer or PS3 and get out there. If you want to meet girls you got to get out there and meet them. Go out to places where girls hang out. This could be a coffee shop, a bar, a restaurant, a social area, your friends how who doesn’t sit around all day and play video games.

The point is to meet girls you have to be where the girls are. You can’t wait for them to come to you. Try throwing social gatherings at your house and inviting people who have lots of friends. Ask them to bring whoever they want especially people you don’t know.

Most girls love meeting new people. It builds their social network and helps them get that much closure to meeting the illusive soul mate that they all want (sarcasm intended). But they won’t ever meet you and all your charm if you are not trying. If you are like me sitting at home writing blogs all day long, you probably won’t be meeting very many girls.

Practical tips: go out at least twice a week to an environment where you will be forced to at least say high to a few people you don’t know. Ever town has social gatherings whether it’s a dance or a concert or a party or church. Commit this week to start going out. Also: commit to saying yes. Not in a retarded fashion (Like the movie), but say yes to every invite to hang out with people. Even if they aren’t your favorite people they might have some good friends!

Ideas on where to meet girls: night clubs, church, bars, sporting events, dinner parties, coffee, classes, work, gym, laundry, farmers market, recreation areas, etc.

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