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Being “hot” 1 of 2

Does being “hot” matter? How does one get to be like that? Proverbs speaks of “charm” as being deceitful. How does it add up?

From a guy’s perspective, beauty matters. Asking if a girl is cute or hot is one of the main questions. Should it be like that? That’s another discussion. The fact of the matter is that this is how guys think. I’ve talked to quite a few girls who think the same about guys.

When we look at somebody, anyobody, we start from the exterior, we start from what we can see. We make a first impression, and we continue our assessment from that. How many times have you said: “all I need to make up my mind is a good look and 2 minutes of conversation”?

How we look matters, and how we carry ourselves matters as well. It may matter less in a committed relationship, but you have to go through first impression in the beginning. And if you want to make a good impression, you’d want to be “hot”.

Before we get to know somebody’s heart, we see their face, their clothes, their shoes, their nails. All these say something about you. Since communication is about 53%-89% nonverbal, you want a handle on what you are saying.

Being “hot” is making yourself likable, desirable. You put yourself in a postion where people like what they see. A lot of it is being well groomed, and polished. Add some fashion, a good parfume and nice hair-cut, and you’ve given yourself a much better chance of making a good impression. And remember, “you’re never fully dress without a smile”.

This is the first half- the physical. The next story will be about emotional attractiveness.

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