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#11 Pay attentions to the guys in the group: How to talk to Girls Series

ImageLet’s say you are at the bar and you see a girl you want to talk to. But you feel intimidated because there are three attractive guys sitting at her table with her and another girl as well. You feel certain that one of them is dating her. You get nervous and don’t say anything. Or suppose you are at a dinner party and you notice a girl who happens to be sitting with a couple gentlemen who catches your attention. But you refrain from approaching her because . . . why?

What is it that makes some guys not want to talk to a girl because they see her talking another guy? Certainly there is room for respecting another guy’s friendship and game, but who is to say he’s not “just friends” with her or even her brother?

In situations like this the best thing to do is just be friendly and talk to the guys as much if not more than to the girl. You can observe the way he relates to you to gage his level of interest and extent of investment in the girl. For example, if he begins getting closer, giving you short answers showing a lack of interest, or making obviously possessive statements you can guess he has some sort of interest in her. Maybe ask a friend later if they are together.

However, if he’s just another guy at the party why does he somehow have more of a right or a better change of talking to her than you? Competition is good because it makes us better men. I honestly think some women pit guys against each other to see who will come out the best.

Don’t see other guys as a threat. See them as potential friends, contacts, business partners, and perhaps most importantly your way in to a conversation with the girl you like. And if the girl ends up being with the guy, as long as you are respectful and charming, you’re not going to cause any trouble by talking to her.

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