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#06 Failure is Feedback: How to talk to Girls Series

ImageEver heard that before? Probably not. If we are in college or fresh out, we probably got tired of hearing our friends or ourselves complaining about almost failing tests and trying not to be a failure at life. It’s built into our systems from grade school.

But is this healthy? Is a pass fail mindset really good? I think Christians really have it worse off than the rest. We often view Christianity as pass fail.

  • You either pass the purity test (still got the v-card) or you fail (gave into natural human passions?).
  • You either pass by saying the prayer and accept evangelical Christian absolutes (even if they have been debated by sincere scholars for 2000 years) or you fail by not saying the prayer (or simply asking a question about something you just don’t get like the Trinity or Church).
  • You either pass the passionate Christian test by raising your hands in church (or playing acoustic Christian songs on your guitar) or you fail by skipping church and having a beer.

The list goes one. But honestly, is this how life really is? Is it always a pass fail? When Peter denies Jesus did he fail the test and get kicked out of the kingdom? Or did he just hurt Jesus feelings, feel guilty for a few weeks, and then seek forgiveness and grace?

Failure doesn’t exist for you my friend. Starting today. You do not fail at anything. When you go out to meet a girl and she doesn’t want to talk to you again because you came across as creepy: you didn’t fail. No like Edison said about the light bulb (supposedly) you just found one more way that DOESN’T work.

When you get rejected for that second date, you didn’t fail. You just found one more girl who isn’t your type. Or at least not now she’s not.

It’s all feedback. It’s all contributing to make you a better man, to make you who you need to be to be the right man for the right girl when the time comes. And it will come. Because you don’t fail my friend. You are a winner and you are confident in that. Not every winner takes home the gold at the Olympics. But you can still be a hell of a good swimmer without having to be Michael Phelps.

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