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Another Perspective on Friends with Benefits

Up until now we discussed the ends and outs of friends with benefits.

We’ve learned how in some ways many of us live friends with benefits lifestyle without really intending to.

We’ve learned how easy it is to fall in love with someone you are physical with and end up getting hurt.

We’ve learned how perhaps the idea isn’t so bad for some because it helps remove expectation.

And we’ve learned that the friendship is what the real benefit to any relationship is. In fact, the “benefits” pale in comparison to any real deep friendship. But they are important. They do draw us closer and are essential to a healthy romantic long-term relationship.

Which leads me to introducing a revolutionary idea. What if marriage was more like friends with benefits? What if the expectations were removed and replaced with a deep close friendship? What if people looked to marry their best friend instead of someone who met a check list?

What if marriage was essentially a really close friendship? With benefits?

This wouldn’t leave out the romance. In fact, the romance could be increased because friends often feel more free to be open about the silly romantic things they like, because they aren’t trying to impress anyone. They just are.

You see so many of us hype up relationships. We watch Hollywood and read Christian marriage material that cause us to think that we need to have this magical falling in love with someone who will be our soul mate for life and meet all our needs. Happily ever after.

I’m not downplaying romance. I’m not trying to suggest that chemistry isn’t important. I’m not saying you can’t fall in love with someone.

But in the long run those things are a part of the relationship but should they define it? Some days you won’t feel romantic. Some days you just won’t have that spark. Sometimes you will find that person annoying.

At the end of the day they can still be your best friend. Regardless of the feelings or lack thereof. And that should be at the core of a successful long term relationship. And yes the benefits are important. They are a part of what makes the relationship work because they require us to be vulnerable and intimate with our partner.

I think it’s time we rethink friends with benefits in a new light. Maybe we could call it:

Best friends. With benefits. For life.


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Why we get hurt by Friends with Benefits

Casey and Brandon were best friends with Angie and Chris. They used to go out together the four of them and dance the sunset over the mountains and drink the night away at their favorite bars. They had the inside jokes and the same group of friends.

Casey and Angie used to giggle to each other about their men. What are you going to use your boy toy for tonight? You think he’ll try that?

Chris used to nudge Brandon and ask him how his mistress was treating him. Brandon would laugh and say better than his girlfriend.

Brandon was popular. Everyone knew him and loved his personality. But he was a genuinely nice guy and knew how to charm a lady with more than his body. He was a natural. Likable. Driven. Funny.

Casey had honestly never really liked him. She knew he had the reputation of a player and in fact had once sworn she would never make out with him. He’ll probably give you something, her friends had warned.

The idea of a commitment free relationship blossomed out of their friendship. She was the girl he couldn’t get. He was the guy she couldn’t be attached to. All seemed fair in the world.

But sometimes we spend time together. We go on trips together. We see new sites together. We write a significant part of our life story together. And all the sudden feelings can change. And that touch that once only stimulated your hormones can start tugging at your heart strings.

And it feels weird at first like it shouldn’t be happening. But then . . .

Casey fell for Brandon. She couldn’t help it. He was a genuinely nice guy honestly. And she thought, he really hasn’t been with any (or many) other girls since me. Maybe he feels the same way and is just too shy to admit it. After all he has the reputation of being that guy that will never settle down.

She didn’t blame him for keeping his feelings inside. They went to the beach with a large group and she got sick. He stayed home from the clubs to take care of her. She loved it. He must love her.

He never told her that he was interested. He never changed who he was. He never stopped being who he was. He even flirted with other girls right in front of her. But she grew blind to it and thought for sure the change in her feelings must be mutual.


We get hurt by friends with benefits because of two reasons. One is the benefits. This usually happens quickly. If you are easily attached emotionally by being attached physically than you will sooner rather than later find yourself liking your partner. This happens to guys too. Now if the feelings are mutual that can be good. Although it often results in a physical attraction based relationship.

The other reason is the friend’s part. This takes longer to develop. But if you have a solid relationship and you become even close friends by adding benefits to it, you may begin to fall for the other person.

The benefits don’t necessarily make the change in this case. It’s the friendship which was the original benefit of the relationship. See there is this false notion that the benefits in a relationship are all physical. But this is ridiculous, for then what other benefit would there be to marriage?

The benefits of a deep friendship go way beyond physical. And if they are allowed to flourish, one can fall in love. Which can be quite healthy if both people do. Sadly this is rare.

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Getting Physical: All I Want Is Your BODY (4)

She said it just right:
“All I wanna do is love your body
Tonight’s your lucky night, I know you want it” Christina Aguillera

We all have that time when we just want somebody… and not just to cuddle, haha. There’s just something about being physical with somebody. It’s fun. It’s close. It’s intimate.

The reason why it’s fun is that besides being a body, the other person is a soul. They’re not just genitals attached to a body. They also have a soul… which makes them human.

In our sensory saturated society we feel that all we want is release. So much pressure from everywhere… it build up. And we want release. When TV, movies, commercial, music and books talk about sex, it’s hard not to think about it.

What if we play it safe, use protection and enjoy ourselves? The only catch to that is that there’s no condom for the soul. And the soul gets affected.

In a world where bodies are just cells, brought forth by evolution, biological machines well tunned… in that world sex is just to continue the species. Sex doesn’t have meaning… well, nothing does for that matter – outside a subjective experience.

But life’s not like that. Even if we don’t believe, we feel that there’s something else out there. We feel with our heart the reality of other hearts – or souls.

And when you make love to somebody, it’s not just a body, but a soul with a body. That’s why it’s so much fun. That’s why it’s serious.


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Getting Physical: For Girls (3)

You’re on the couch, watching a movie and he goes for a move: what do you do? You’re making out, he’s making advances: what do you do?

It’s not a secret that guys will most likely be the first to initiate physical contact. If you’ve been dating for a while, this is no revelation.

Guys give affection for sex and girls give sex for affection.

Love is a verb. Love is a feeling. Love is action. Love is intentionality. Love has many ways of expression.

Gals, whatever you do, do it because you want to. Do it because you want to express a an attitude of the heart with your body. Don’t do it because you’re pressures into it. And do what’s right, at the proper time. Save sex for marriage. That is the propert context to express your love. You’ll be hurt if you do it before. If the physical side of the relationship progresses before your emotional and relational aspect you’re not growing healthy. If you feel like you are emotionally and physically at the point of moving forward – be there at the level of commitment as well.

Love based on feelings but without commitment will not last. Feelings change. People change, principles don’t. Commitments don’t lie – people do.

We are body and souls – develop both sides of you and your relationships – especially the romantic ones.

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Getting Physical Part 1

I won’t ask where the lines is. There’s been enough talk about that.

I’d like to talk about what getting physical does, and how that plays into our relationships. It’s no secret: getting physical affects both our body and our souls. It can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing, it certainly is one of the main reason we do get in romantic relationships.

Not being physical attracted is one the most common reason not to get in a relationship. And when you’re attracted and get going… sparks fly. I’m not really interested in talking about how much to hold hands and how far is to far. That’s for another time or perhaps another post.

What I am interested in talking about is how it affects a relationship and how we use it or misuse it. To thrive, every deep meaningful romantic relationship must develop on an intelectual, emotional, social and physical level. When one is a miss, there is misconnection.

It’s also helpful to be growing in all these areas. If two people develop a deep emotional connection but have no physical inclination, we’d call that a platonic relationship. When we get physical, anything from holding hands, to a kiss or making out – that brings the relationships to a whole new level. It changes the way we think about the relationship and the other person. It affects our thoughts and emotions toward them. It moves the relationship in a certain direction…

The point is this: getting physical is an awesome things – it’s also a responsibility. Cherish it, guard it, cultivate it. At the end of the day, we’re not essentially bodies, but souls, souls with bodies.

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#13 Hold Yourself Well, Body Language: How to talk to Girls Series

Approach is everything. Everything. First impressions are so important. People often make lasting opinions of you in the first two seconds of their interaction with you. Body language is anywhere from 60%-90% of that depending on who you talk to.

Start be holding your chest back and you head high. Look confident. Pretend and until you get it. Fake it till you make it. Don’t slouch. Ever. Walk with confidence and direction. Make and hold eye contact. Don’t back down.

When you are sitting relax. Be poised and in control, not slouching, but be relaxed. You are perfectly comfortable in this situation. In fact, you couldn’t be more at home. Where ever the interaction occurs.

Ultimately you want this to reflect who you really are. But if you’re not quite there yet then try working on it by practicing how a confident comfortable man looks.

Smile. A lot. Genuine smile pull different muscles than fake ones. Even if our conscious brains don’t really notice a difference, our subconscious does and that is often how we get an uneasy feeling about someone who is smiling a lot and seems nice on the surface.

Practice being genuinely happy. Think about what you are thankful for, what you are enjoying about this interaction, the good things that happened to you, how much you love conversation with a beautiful woman, and that will help your smile be more genuine.


This is the last post in my series. There is a lot more to be said of course. But there are also more topics we’d like to cover in this blog so we’re going to move on to some other subjects. Practice makes perfect. Get out there and start practicing. Working on all these tips can seem overwhelming. But if you really want to be the kind of man an amazing woman wants . . . be amazing. And that takes hard work. It takes fixing issues in your communication, dressing well, learning how to approach and make good impressions.


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#12 Don’t talk about negative topics: How to talk to Girls Series

I’ve had the opportunity to observe first hand or here from a girl firsthand how a first date went. One thing that always makes me laugh is guys that spend the entire conversation talking about their life mishaps (not in a funny way but in a complaining depressing way) and about how bad their ex is. I just want to take them aside and shake them. This is not going to win you another date.

Of course, you should be honest about your past. But if anything about any ex come’s up during the conversation, answer it quickly and politely then move on. You don’t need to start that subject early on. If the girl wants to talk about hers that is not your problem. Listen and make a mental note she might not be ready to date.

But when it comes to your ex leave her in the past. And this not only goes for ex’s you don’t like or had terrible break ups with, this goes for the ex who’s still a good friend.  Even if you get along great with your past, your future might not be so keen on hearing the juicy details over a cup of coffee or dinner and wine.

Remember a lot of women are insecure. So bringing up the past can do a couple of things that would hurt your chances of a healthy relationship. One it could make them start comparing themselves and seeing if they match up. Two it could make them worry that you are stuck on the past and can’t get over it. And three it could cause them to wonder if you will talk negatively about them should things not work out between you.

So answer questions quickly and shortly and move on. Or say you’d rather not talk about that on a first date. 


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