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First Dates Ideas

We take a break from the How to Talk to Girls series before posting the last few articles to bring you a guest post. Hope you find this helpful!!!


I get it. You’re fearful that your first date will give you an aneurysm from awkwardness. But in a world where bars only guarantee you hangovers and restaurants only thin out your wallet, the creative first date can be as time effective as it is cost-effective.


Two Wheels: If you live in a city then you’ll do what I do every weekend and find the straightest street, point my front wheel that direction and pedal until the buildings of the city drop away from view. If you live in the country then you’ll want to find that favorite beach, park or trail and make it a destination (picnic, anyone?). One of the complaints I get from my friends is that they don’t have the ability to go cycling with friends because some don’t have bikes. Most cities have places where you can rent bikes for cheap, and if you’re like me then you have at least one friend with a half dozen bikes collecting dust in their shed. Ask them and I’m sure you’ll get a favorable response. America has millions of miles of road and millions more of bike trails. Get out and enjoy them, chances are that with the endorphins rushing you’ll have a better conversation perched atop your seat post then you ever would have sitting on that barstool.


Boating: Are you scared of the water? Can you swim? Do you think you know how to operate technology in use since the days of the Cro-Magnon? If you answered NO, YES and YES then you should entertain the idea of finding a nearby body of water, a canoe (paddleboat is cool, too) and show some of your maritime abilities. Humans are land creatures and we tend to think of our activities based on how much time we can spend safely on terra firma, but the truth is that getting a little wet and wild can be adventurous. When you’re sharing a canoe with a stranger you can learn some communication skills, earn a workout and maybe even find yourself connecting through collaboration. If all else fails you are surrounded by the natural beauty of your area and escaping the pavement prison where inevitably we’ll all be back in come 9AM Monday morning.


Farmer’s Market: The wheels were booked and the boat didn’t come to fruition. Screw it, lets eat! One of the best bi-products of a society inching its way towards eco-friendliness is that local farmers are cool again. Being cool means cities, counties and other municipalities are donating streets and other resources to hosting farmer’s markets. While Whole Foods is excellent, getting to meet the men and women who grow your food is a cool experience. You get to guarantee organic products and when you are with the right person you can make a meal that can transcend the modern dining experience (appetizer, wine, main course, wine, dessert, wine) and become something romantic but free of real pressure. You’re just two people buying some cage-free humanely raised chicken — no big deal!


Jake Albright 

After spending his post-collegiate years living like a bachelor in NYC, Jake spent his late twenties in LA in a loving and committed relationship. Now bi-coastal, and once-again single, Jake has used his experiences to become the lead writer for A former college athlete, he now spends his extra time traveling to visit friends and take new adventures.


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