NEW!!! About

This is the game.
Either play.
Or get played.

We are working on getting more organized. In doing that we are creating a broader relationship blog. It will continue exactly as this one has. This blog will become more specific, focusing primarily on what we call “the game”. That is the psychological back and forth between guys and girls that makes it so hard for us to read each other. We will focus on three areas:

inner game: making yourself the best possible person

outer game: what your body language and word choice says about you

and how to read the opposite sex: this part is important because it helps nice guys not get played and protects less experienced girl’s hearts

We hope you will appreciate the changes as we make them. Please continue to come to this blog but also consider our broader blog which will continue posting relationship advice for all areas of life (much like we have previously done here).

This transition will take a while so bear with us.

In short: Learn the GAME at

Follow the accompanying blog for more INTERACTION on WordPress at

Follow our NEW blog with similar content but a BROADER focus at


Ask us ANY questions.
Ask the questions Christians Don’t ask.
Email us at

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Tell your friends.
Real experience.
Real Results.
Real LIFE.


One response to “NEW!!! About

  1. Scout

    January 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

    I would really like to know more about who you are as contributors. You provide good insight, but it would be great to know a little more about your context and the lens through which you construct these posts. Things I’m curious about: what prompted you to start a Christian dating blog?, what’s your current relationship status (ie. are you dating, in a relationship, married, divorced, single)?, what inspires your posts (ie. what are you reading, who are you talking to, does this come from firsthand experience)? Knowing these things would help me to connect with your blog by establishing credibility and framework. Like I said you have some great insights and pertinent points; I would just like to know some of the personality behind it.


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