Girl Perspective: Moving Out from Home

27 Aug

There comes a time in every child’s life when they need to leave the nest. They need to go out and explore… Live a little! Run into some problems, make some mistakes. This time comes earlier for some and later for other.

Sometimes however, it doesn’t come at all when faced with challenges such as parental disapproval. It’s more difficult when it’s  a girl wanting to move out. “You have no reason to move out” or “you will be more vulnerable and an easier target for sinful tendencies.”

Every parent thinks they’re raising their children the right way, but when they shelter them and make important life decisions for them, they take away the child’s confidence and stifle their discernment.

How is someone supposed to learn how to survive on their own in the real world when they are constantly over protected by their parents? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they shouldn’t care and shouldn’t have an opinion or give advice. But don’t impose it! Don’t force your beliefs or expectations on them.

I believe that a girl needs to learn to be independent and happy on her own before she gets married. If she doesn’t know how to handle/control her emotions, finances, schedule, or priorities well, imagine the stress that will put on her husband! He can’t, nor should he do everything for her. How will she run a house while the man is gone if she doesn’t know how to run her own life before she even gets married?

People don’t grow up unless they’re forced to grow up. If you keep a child in the house their whole lives, they won’t know how to survive out in the world. They won’t know how to care for themselves. Now imagine that poor child that had been sheltered their whole life, be put in charge of a family! They won’t know what to do. How to act. How to lead. How to be an example. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. So why shouldn’t a girl move out? Shouldn’t she get a chance to have her freedom too?

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