#04 The three second rule: How to talk to Girls Series

21 Jun


ImageEver been hanging out and seen this girl you really find attractive. You want to go talk to her so bad. She looks so fine. Your friend says she’s a great catch and not dating anyone. You catch her eye. You look away. You aimlessly wander toward her. Glazed eyes. Looking at the floor. You sit near her but not in her circle. You pretend to text a friend.


By now you’ve lost the courage and you saunter away trying to convince yourself she wasn’t that great anyway.


When you see a girl you want to talk to, try to talk to her within three seconds of making eye contact. That is not much time. You don’t want to appear too eager, but try to get out there and converse with her as quickly as possible. This is not something I came up with. Numerous relationship experts agree with this as a principle. Perhaps it’s because our first impressions are often formed in less than three seconds.


This does not mean making a beeline across the room toward her as soon as you spot her. What it does mean is be direct. Be the man. Go talk to a girl. If she doesn’t’ like you so what. Have a good time anyway. But don’t wander aimlessly checking text messages you didn’t get. Talk to her.


And don’t waste your time thinking forever about what to say. Just be yourself. If it’s awkward at first it will get better. I promise. Remember three seconds is not enough time for her to think about all the reasons she wouldn’t want to talk to you or you enough time to chicken out. It’s the right amount of time to make eye contact, hopefully exemplify courage and confidence and then make contact.


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