#01 Introduction, How to talk to Girls Series

12 Jun

How many girls out there have had a guy they wish would just hurry up and ask them out? How many guys have had a girl they really like but just can’t seem to go up and talk to her?

When we started this website, one of the motivations behind it was to help “nice guys” develop the confidence and social abilities to actually talk to the girls they want. So many times the nice guy gets screwed. Either he is too nice and gets trampled on by girls or he just lacks the confidents that the “jerks” seem to have.

This works out bad for the guys because they feel like they just have to take what they can get. A lot of men live with that mindset, I just have to wait until a girl likes me and then jump on it or I might not have another chance.

This also works out bad for the girls because they often find themselves torn between being attracted to the confident adventurous side of a guy who tends to be more of a jerk and desiring to have a guy who treats them really well but unfortunately lacks confidence. Girls often make the more emotional choice and choose the guy who doesn’t treat them as well because of the feeling of adventure he brings.

Over the next month, I am going to be writing a ten or more part series on the basics of how to talk to girls. This is not just for guys those. I want women to comment to give advice too. I want the guys who read this to have real input from the women who read it.


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