Five Great Tips for Those New to Dating

05 Jun

Five Great Tips for Those New to Dating – guest post by Sarah

Anyone who has never dated before, or is returning to dating after a relationship, feels a sense of apprehension. It can be difficult to know what to expect or what to do. There are some ways to feel more at ease and make dating a fun, enjoyable part of one’s life. Here are the five best ideas for doing so.

1. Choose comfortable locations for dates

The location for the date is almost as important as who the date will be with. Whether the plan is to cook dinner at one’s flat or to see a film and eat at a restaurant, the need for comfort is paramount. Avoid dates where one of the dating partners will be uncomfortable. For example, if someone is prone to seasickness, a dinner cruise may not be an ideal date. It is a great idea to go on dates in comfortable places that have been enjoyed before.

2. Create an unforgettable first impression

Everyone wants to be impressed by their date. It is important to keep that in mind when getting ready for a date. Knowing where the date will be ahead of time will help both people prepare their wardrobe; it is easy to feel uncomfortable at a football game when dressed for the opera!

The first impression will be the strongest, so it is important to maintain a good physical appearance and to do something that sets oneself apart from the rest of the world. Men should bring flowers or some romantic token for their date, while women should apply makeup and style their hair. Don’t forget to be on time! Punctuality, or lack of, can be a real issue.

3. Find common interests

When on a date, one of the goals is to know more about the other person and find out if there is chemistry. This can be difficult when one of the partners is nervous. If nerves are an issue, prepare a mental list of topics to talk about and questions to ask. That mental list can prevent a lull in conversation.

Find common interests by listening to the other person talk. Do not think about what will be said next, just listen. Most people like to feel that their date is truly interested in what they are saying, so it is smart to do that for them.

4. Relax and act naturally

Those who are new to dating may feel extremely nervous. That is normal. After all, it is a new experience. However, it is important to be natural and let personality shine through. Only by being one’s authentic self can someone attract an authentic, loving partner. It may help to do some deep breathing before the date, or to precede the date by doing something fun and relaxing that boosts one’s confidence level.

5. Realize the other’s humanity

If feeling nervous during a date, it can be easy to forget how the other person is feeling. It is essential to remember that both partners are people trying to have a good time. They may want something different out of a relationship, but they are both on the date because they are hoping for a good experience and a true love match.

Someone who is new to dating need not worry. As long as one is true to his or her personality and follows the tips in this article, they can approach dating with a positive, hopeful attitude.


About Sarah

Sarah currently works for Lovestruck and completely understands the nerves that people get when they experience something new like dating. It can be scary and intimidating but with a positive attitude, it can be a great way to start a new relationship. For those who are unaware, Lovestruck is a UK online dating website.

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