How to get Mr. Right

29 Nov

In brief:

Define Mr. Right. Write it down. Don’t be afraid to have exact things you want in a guy. In fact, review your list at least once a week and add to it or change it as you grow. This will keep you from falling for Mr. Good when you could have Mr. Great. After all being good at something is often the greatest thing keeping us from being great. And if you don’t know what you want, please don’t start a serious marriage kind of relationship till you find out. Just date around. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are honest.

Stop trying to get him. Counterintuitive? I’m sure you’ve heard a story of the girl who is so thankful she didn’t stop trying to find the right guy because eventually she got him. But here’s the point I’m making. If you are so worried about meeting the right guy and getting your life fulfilled by him, you will emanate insecurity, neediness, and lack personal growth. Instead focus on being the woman you want to be. Don’t be so worried about finding the right guy. He will naturally be attracted to you if you are working to become attractive. Not just for him but for yourself. The more satisfied you are with yourself and happy you are without a man, the more likely you are to simply attract the right man without even trying.

Go where Mr. Right type guys go. Now remember you not trying to get Mr. Right. You’re just trying to shine in those areas where he is apt to be. You’re not going to hang out with guys who like to video game if you want a lawyer for a husband. You’re not going to go to bars if you want a pastor. Pretty straight forward. Go where the fish are for the best fishing. But don’t look for a tuna in a gold fish bowl.

On a side note (combining the first few points) cultivate characteristics that will attract the type of guy you want to marry. If I want an independent career woman, than learning to be a good house wife is probably not going to attract me. And if that is what you really want (to be a house wife) you might should re-think your definition of Mr. Right.

Cultivate genuine interest. Here’s where it gets tricky. Being too interested appears needy and being too coy makes it look like you are just playing games. These types of situations inspired the name of this blog; after all dating is a sort of game. Ultimately you want to be genuinely interested. Guard how much of your being you let show at first but if you are merely interested because of sexual appeal, desire for a relationship, or status, you will soon find that the rest of what really makes up this guy will annoy you.

Demonstrate value. This is an indispensable point for both men and women. Once again, be higher value don’t just demonstrate it. How do you do this? If you like the worship leader type guys show that you know a thing or two about worship leading, if you enjoy athletes pay attention to the intricacies of their game and show that you actually know what you are talking about. But don’t just show interest in their interests. You need to have your own. And you need other interests besides this guy. In other words stay busy. Have a life. And slowly integrate him into it. If you really have become the amazing woman he would love to have, shouldn’t you be worth a little work for him to get? Don’t say yes every time he asks to hang out. Don’t be anxiously waiting by the phone for him to call. Get a life!

Be the best friend but beware of the friend zone. Relationships are leaning more and more toward companionship. People want romance but they also realize that real life is more about companionship than white horses and princes. I think this is harder for Christian girls because marriage is so hyped up in our subculture (partly because of the emphasis on waiting for sex, which is good). So become the guy’s best friend but keep away from that fine line of become just a sister. You need to keep flirting and avoid buddy activities like hanging out in the basement with seven of his guy friends and talking about sports. A word of caution though, don’t take this too far, some guys want their girl to be comfortable with the boys and love having her along during guy time.

Be Mrs. Right. Think about all the amazing things you want your guy to be. And think about what an attractive, hardworking, romantic, understanding, loving, Godly guy he is. Don’t you think such a man deserves a similar woman? Work out. Eat right. Work hard at your job or college degree. Be fun and romantic. Read books on being a better wife/girlfriend. Learn how to respect and love a guy. Read what Jesus says about loving one another. Start this now. It’s harder when you’re already in the relationship.

Play for the long run. Once you think you have met the guy of your dreams and are headed toward a relationship, you must be on your guard for letting down your game. Certainly we all want to be love and accepted for who we are. And a guy should feel that way. But if you put on your best for him the first few months and then slowly slack off, he might leave you on the twelfth month saddened that you didn’t turn out to be the girl he thought you were. Always be your best self. Don’t put on a show. Be. This goes for your whole life.

If you have any questions please email me I’m not an expert but I think I know from experience a few things that work and a few that don’t. Let’s talk!


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4 responses to “How to get Mr. Right

  1. leeleegirl4

    February 11, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    This blog is such a great idea. I have seen so many disenchanted single Christians who are too scared to do anything to find that special Mr. or Ms. Right. While I agree there is a time to wait and sort out your personal issues, I do think the key is getting out there and doing life actively. Kudos.

    • Christian Dating Games

      February 24, 2012 at 6:17 am

      Agreed. We can’t just expect the best in the world to come to us. Their too busy being the best. Those who wait end up with the left over scraps!


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