The game is not the answer.

10 Oct
The game. This is what we’re here to teach you. Sort of. The things that Christians don’t like to talk about. The things that really work. Less Christian fluff and Bible verse and more real experience and actual success. The way that a woman’s emotional needs are met and a man’s innate desire for the chase is satisfied. We’re here to explain why the “nice” guy always gets screwed and why “jerks” seem to get all the girls. We’re here to tell you things such as “either play the game or get played”. And what you can do about all this. How you approach someone of the opposite sex. Social dynamics. Confidence. Winning hearts. Sparking interest. Reading body language. Getting what you want.
But before we begin.
The game is not the answer. It will not make you happy. It’s a necessary result of our broken economy of relationships. And maybe it’s a poor reflection of a Creator. Who put a passion in our hearts for the excellent. For understanding and mastering the art of communicating.
Maybe the game is simply a tool. Or a guardian. Or a protection for our fragile psyches. Perhaps, and this is a scary thing to admit, the players of the game are simply taking the long drawn out journey step by step to discover what some people just learn intuitively. The game cannot solve your insecurities. It cannot make you successful simply by playing it. It cannot make you happy in that deeply contented sort of way that seems to only come when you live outside of yourself.
Perhaps true happiness is found by causing someone to completely fall for you not because you learned their emotional triggers and pushed each one in perfect timing, but because you gave that person the ability to open up fully, to divulge their deepest secrets and most gripping fears, to expose the beautiful and the wretchedness of their heart. And somehow with all the grace your heart could muster allowed that person to know without a doubt that you accept them fully exactly the way they are and will never use such intimate knowledge against them. Maybe, for one person you choose to deny the exception clause given to love.
Perhaps the pawn who sacrifices his insignificant life in the most selfless devotion to his king is more happy in the end than the king who wins the war and lives to enjoy the prize of a game well played.
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